Pledge the Pink proudly presents

Drag Queen Bingo!!!

Because cancer is a drag too,

The most anticipated event of the year is just around the corner, and we’re not talking about the little 30-mile sojourn either. 

Nope, we’re talking about the infamous Drag Queen Bingo!

Our “girls” are already finalizing their hair, makeup, and wardrobe- they are that excited! This is going to be quite the show as our dear husbands and brothers dress up and make spectacles of themselves. Oh the trouble that ensues…

Join Us

Join the festivities at Main Beach Park on Friday, October 18. Tickets will sell out fast, so get yours today! The show will run from 7-9pm under the big tent.

The Fine Print

The evening is sure to be a hoot and a half. Adults 18 and older may purchase a ticket and participate. We’ll do our best to keep the atmosphere at the PG-13 level but please note there will be sexual content, jokes and inuindos throughout the night.

Only ticket holders wearing a special BINGO bracelet (given to you at packet pickup on Thursday) will be allowed near the tent area. This is incredibly important for legal reasons so please follow the rules.

Note that the FlockStar Package does NOT give you four tickets to the show; it gives you one ticket to enter the tent area and four BINGO cards to play from (quadrupling your chances to win).

There will be four rounds played, with the first three paying out $500 each and the fourth game will pay out $1000 to the big winner.


Option 1

1 Seat + 1 Card



  • One entry into the big tent
  • One chair at the table
  • One card to play BINGO
You’re gonna laugh your abs off!
Option 1

1 Seat + 4 Cards



  • One entry into the big tent
  • One chair at the table
  • Four cards to play BINGO
That’s a whole lotta chances to win big!