Experience the Best of Amelia

30 Miles Never Looked So Good

Our 2024 courses take you all over the Island so that you can see the full beauty of Amelia.

Enjoy the ocean views, breezes, and even a few miles on the hard-packed sands. Meander down tree canopied streets dripping in Spanish moss and watch the wild horses over on Cumberland Island. Get a selfie at the historic Fort Clinch Fort and cross over gorgeous marsh creeks filled with herons, egrets and pelicans via scenic boardwalks. Finally, no visit to Amelia would be complete without strolling through the charming downtown of Fernandina Beach. We’ve got it all!

Start & Finish Lines

For your convenience, most of our start and finish lines are at Main Beach Park. As are our daily after parties and evening events. Note that Friday’s start/finish lines will be at Peter’s Point Beach.

Pit Stops

We offer official pit stops every 2.5-3 miles that are loaded with snacks, hydration, first aid supplies, and friendly fans. We also anticipate several community pit stops that Amelia Island residents will set up along the courses! Need to pee? We’ve got more toilets per capita than any other race in the history of races!

Beach Miles

We suggest that you train on nature trails to help you acclimate to the miles you’ll be doing on the beach. It is hard-packed sand but if you don’t have beaches near you to train on, please find a trail or gravel road so you can build up the stabilizer muscles in your legs.

Things To Note

  • Please remember that our routes are 10 miles and we expect everyone will train accordingly..
  • If for some reason you are not able to reach a pre-set marker on a course by a certain time, we will automatically reroute you to the nearest shortcut
  • If you know that you’ll be doing shortcuts, please adjust your training so that you can do 6 miles each day
  • All participants will have four hours to cross the finish lines each day

Friday, October 18
8am start at 4600 Peter’s Point Road

Friday we will head south on the wide, hard-packed beaches for about 4 miles. There’s a pitstop at mile 2 and again at mile 4 where you will exit the beach onto the Amelia path system. You’ll enjoy the beauty of Burney Park (another pit stop!) and the historic American Beach neighborhoods and then meander past the iconic Ritz Carlton Resort as you make your way back to Peter’s Point and the finish line. All total, you’ll be on the beach for approximately four miles and the other six will be pathways and quiet streets.

Please note that the start/finish lines this day are NOT at Main Beach Park, however the after party will be at Main Beach. Please refer to the Friday calendar of events day to read all about the parking, shuttles, and party plans.

Saturday, October 19
(8am start from Main Beach Park, 32 N Fletcher Ave)

Saturday’s course focuses on the relatively quiet northern end of Amelia Island. Starting at Main Beach Park, we’ll enjoy a stroll through charming beachfront bungalows, sandy roads, and ancient sand dunes before entering the beach at mile 1.75 (pitstop). At mile 4.75 we will exit the beach at the historic Fort (pit stop) and  meander through trails and quiet roads covered in giant oak trees (shade!). The last pitstop is around mile 7 next to the beautiful butterfly walking trail. All total, you’ll be on the beach for about 3 miles and on the roads and trails the other 7 miles.

Sunday, October 20
(7:30am start from Main Beach, 32 N Fletcher Ave)

Our Sunday Funday course is probably the most varied route we’ve ever done. It starts with .6 miles on the beach, crosses thru the marsh on a greenway trail, continues on historic neighborhoods until we hit the motherload: downtown Fernandina Beach. Bring a few bucks so you can grab an ice cream or other souvenir. After leaving downtown, we will walk right by the enormous port and paper mill industrial area. Then head into the shaded and surprisingly hilly neighborhood around the historic lighthouse, and then head back to the park for your finish line, lunch, and after-party. All in, you’ve got .6 miles on the beach and then the rest of the course is on sidewalks and very quiet streets.